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IT140 & IT100
The inverter power source IT140 & IT100
allows a high degree of flexibility because
of its compact size and weight. Therefore
it is suitable for particular internal or
external jobs repairs. It is designed with
features including easy arc-starting for TIG
welding application.Its welding current
adjustment, combined with its high
efficiency and low power consumption
made this unit an excellent tool for
professional welding jobs to be carried out
both in coated electrode welding and gas
tungsten arc welding (TIG).

* User friendly
* Low Consumption
* Heavy Duty
* Portable


T E C H N I C A L    D A T A

Power Supply

IT100 IT140 IT100D
  SINGLE PHASE (50/60Hz) AC230V + 15% - 10%
Fuse 16A 20A 16A
Consumption Max 3.68KVA 4.6KVA 3.8KVA
Efficiency 0.58 0.77 0.58
Output Open Circuit Voltage 60VDC 75VDC 60VDC
Welding Current Range 5A~9A 5A~140A 5A~90A
Duty Cycle 30%*     90A/23.6VDC
Duty Cycle 60%* 90A/23.6VDC    
Duty Cycle 100% 65A/22.6VDC 140A/25.6V  
Protection Class IP21S IP21S IP21S
Insulation Class H H H
Weight (kg)
(Without Input Cable & Plug)
3.6kg 9.5kg 3.15kg
Dimension (mm) (W x L x H) 110x300x200 178x298x239 110x300x200

This light weight single phase TIG Inverter which incorporates IGBT technology covers all needs of a modern heavy-duty power source.

It is designed with features including easy arc-strarting for TIG welding applicaitions and is most suitable for nonferrous metal.

Standard Specifications of INVERTER TIG ITG 160P
Specification of Inverter TIG 
Model : ITG 160P
Rated output current :  160A (TIG Welding)
Rated Input 

TIG Welding :
Manual Arc Welding :

Single Phase

5.0 KVA (3.5 KW)
4.3 KVA (3.0 KW)

Welding Current Adjuster Range

TIG Welding :
Manual Arc Welding :

5A-160A (Base Current) 
Starting and Crater Current
Adjustment Range Range (A) :
Adjustable in proportion to TIG welding current. 
Pulse Current Adjustment Range (A): Adjustable in proportion to TIG welding current. 
Rated Load Voltage :

TIG Welding :
Manual Arc Welding :

17 V
24 V
Max. No-Load Voltage : 60 V 
Down-slope Time :  0.1s - 3.0s 
(Arc Spot Timer Time)  (0.1s - 5.0s) 
Low Pulse Frequency :  Fixed 2.5 Hz 
Middle Pulse Frequency :  Fixed 250 Hz 
Pulse Width Adjustment Range :  Fixed 50 % 
After-Flow Time :  Fixed 6s 
Pre-Flow Time :  Fixed 0.1s 
Rated Duty Cycle (10 minute duty cycle) :  40 % 
External Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height, including handle)  210 mm x 467 mm x 415 mm 
Weight :  18.5 Kg 

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